Department of Communication at the University of Montreal, Canada

Maissa is an instructor and a PhD Scholar in the Department of Communication at the University of Montreal, Canada. She completed her Bachelors degree from the Institut Superieur des Beaux-Arts, Tunis and her Master's from the Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Technologies du Design, both in Graphic Design. Maissa's research and expertise are multidisciplinary, localized at the intersection of media, feminism, and cultural studies, in addition to design and visual arts. Currently she is examining the relationship between intimacy and politics in Tunisia after the uprising of 2010-2011. She specifically examines how norms of intimacy are negotiated through media and population culture. Given her background in design, she also teaches infographic communication at UdeM, as she has done for several sessions in recent years. Additionally, she produces advertising materials, such as logos and posters, for various symposia, non-profit organizations, and student groups.