Associate Prof. of Architecture, BIM & CAAD

Ra'Ed QaQish is a Licensed Architect (JEA), Associate AIA, Designer, and Educator for more than 14 years who has practiced and taught architecture, interior design, and graphic design at various universities in several countries. He is also a plastic/digital artist who has won numerous awards and participated in a great number of art exhibitions/ Biennales internationally.

Educated in the United States and the United Kingdom, and sponsored by a Chevening Scholarship, a HANSARD Scholarship, and Noor Al-Hussein Foundation grants. In 2002, he completed a Post-Doctorate in Media - Communications Management from London School of Economics (HANSARD Scholarship) and a Post- Doctorate internship at the Design Council in London, where he researched the impact of Architectural design on the practice of Politics.mDr. QaQish is a researcher in the subject of Architecture, BIM, and CAAD; he has published a great number of papers on topics related to CAAD, CAL, digital design, and architectural education.