Architect, Lighting Designer, Artist

Currently, Ruairi O'Brien is an Associate Professor & Head of the "Architecture and Visual Design Department" at the German University, Cairo. He Studied architecture at universities in London, Edinburgh, and New York. His research interests are Future architecture, Lighting and the built environment, The development of old and new towns and Microarchitecture. He is also interested in the architecture of museums, memory and heritage. The role of the architect in public space. The role of art and architecture in public space. As a practicing architect and lighting designer: O'Brien has executed a large and diverse portfolio of interdisciplinary work in the fields of architecture and urban design. Urban design projects include the renovation and development of heritage protected market squares, design guideline brochures for district and street development, moderating participatory design and development projects, city orientation systems, lighting masterplans, streetscape and building illumination projects. In architecture, projects include heritage building renovations, hospital and school renovations, residential buildings, museums, memorials and exhibitions. In the field of lighting design O'Brien has also designed and built innovative street lighting fixtures and developed a series of lighting sculptures for public space.